Our Tribe

Jessica Pique

Nominated Supervisor

I have successfully completed my Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care. I have been employed in the Early Childhood Sector for 8 years and still love coming to work every single day. I have been very fortunate throughout my career to have been employed in various roles such as Lead Educator, Educational Leader, 2IC and as Centre Director. Within these roles I have also been a part of two Assessment and Rating processes achieving Exceeding and Meeting and have found these to be a major learning tool  I am thoroughly loving my journey as a Centre Director and I am always looking at ways that I can improve and extend on my professional knowledge.

The children are my first and foremost passion and why I love my job and industry that I work in. I have also formed a strong passion for programming and planning. Being able to provide high quality programs and to capture a holistic view of each child’s learning journey is something that I genuinely love. I thoroughly enjoy being able to help mentor other staff members at any stage of their programming journey. I strive to expand my knowledge and in my spare time I enjoy researching and finding amazing articles, books and webinars to help shape my pedagogical identity. I strive to make sure my professional work reflects the key areas of the Early Years Learning Framework and National Quality Standards.

I have two beautiful children who I get to bring to work with me every day. I have grown up in the Maitland Area my whole life and I am a local through and through. My partner and I moved to Brisbane 6 years ago for an adventure but we moved back 1 year ago so our children could grow up with family. We love being active on our weekends and venture out for camping, 4WD, visiting the snow or just catching up with family.