Educational Leader + Preschool Teacher – Macaila Page

Educational Leader + Preschool Teacher - Macaila Page -

About me:

I completed my Diploma of Early Childhood Teaching in 2019 and am currently completing my Bachelors Degree in Early Childhood Teaching & Primary.

I am a happy, bubbly and positive person who has a strong passion for the younger years of Education and Care.

I believe that each child is unique, empowering and full of endless adventures and happiness. With every chance to put their own sense of creativity and life into every day.

I believe that each child has an urge to explore all environments and reach their full potential during their journey of growth and development.

I encourage each child to embrace who they are and to be themselves.

Being an Educator brings me happiness as I know I am shaping little hearts and minds. Those who heart’s and minds will be our future.

I look forward to working alongside my team in the preschool area each year as we collaborate our ideas and prepare each child for the years to come.

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