About Little Treasures

Centre Philosophy

Here at Little Treasures Childcare we realise the significance of the early stages of learning and the importance of nurturing towards a child’s successful future. Through our everyday practices we embrace the National Law, Regulations and Learning Framework; Being, Belonging Becoming – The Early Years Learning Framework with a variety of Early Childhood Theorists.

Uniting this valuable information with our holistic approach and Pedagogical practices which honour and value relationships between Children, Families, Educators and our Community thus, enabling our early childhood professionals to not only accompany your child on their journey of growth and development but to enrich, inspire and extend upon all aspects of your child’s play, learning and development whilst igniting their love of learning.  

“Providing High Quality Education & Care to the Littlest People of Our Community!”

A child’s first and most influential teacher

The earliest and most influential teachers in children’s lives are their families. We recognise the vital role that parents play in nurturing and guiding children as they grow & develop their sense of being.

We aim to continue this throughout our everyday practice and are able to do this by our holistic approach and professional understanding of developmental theorists such as; John Bowlby and Erik Erikson. Respectful and positive relationships REG 156

About Little Treasures | little treasures
About Little Treasures | little treasures

Let them play…

Our environment is vibrant, inclusive and designed with flexible spaces that were built to provoke interest, promote competence and independent exploration and learning through play. (Standard 3.2) We believe children must take appropriate risks with their learning to give them independence and confidence when adventuring into a new world of play and development, inviting open ended interactions, spontaneity, risk takin, exploration, discovery and connection with nature. (EYLF pp15-16) We have a professional commitment to sustainability and incorporate this into all aspects of our daily routine with the children. Educators are here to foster children’s individual learning and embrace their unique personalities.

Whilst ensuring the below statement is paramount.

The vision encapsulated in EYLF is that “all children experience learning that is engaging and builds success for life”

Educational Program

We have a unique and ever evolving program, that ensures each child’s current knowledge, ideas, culture, abilities and interests are the foundation of our programs (Element 1.1.2) furthermore we believe our importance of routine and programs being organised in ways that maximise opportunities for each child Element 1.1.3. Fuelled by families’ inputs, ideas and culture.

School Readiness Program

Confidence, school safety and self-help skills along with cutting-edge literacy lessons including but not limited to teaching your children skills for, reading, writing, spelling and much more. All these skills ensure your child is prepared and excited to begin their future school journey.

Healthy & Active

We are passionate about healthy eating and physical activity, not only for growth and development of the first five years but also enhancing knowledge and quality of life. This is a wonderful way to prepare children with adequate knowledge and skills to live a happy and healthy life and make informed choices as an adult. (Standard 2.2)

Animals as the fourth teacher


When children care for living things whether it be each other, animals or plants they learn compassion and empathy among many other benefits.

Here at Little Treasures we are conscious of the benefits and took this knowledge forward to create a Potty Farm for our children to play with hands on and delight in nature discovering its fragility and resilience, cycles and learn about our biological imprint and to have the opportunity to engage with living creatures. Furthermore, Educators foster an appreciation of the natural environment developing environmental awareness providing a platform for ongoing environmental education. (EYLF Outcome 2 NQS QA3.2 3.3.1 3.3.2)

About Little Treasures | little treasures

Our Broader Community

Connections with wider community, advocating for children rights to be active citizens whom contribute to society promoting shared aspirations for children’s learning, health and wellbeing. (Partnerships with families’ collaborative REGS 4.6) By Working together to sustain excellence practice through continuous improvement and comprehensive forward planning. We strive to engage and involve families and the community on the professions discussion about quality, and what is important in education and care. We will continue to promote and reinforce the value of education and care.

Our professional commitment to networking of professional learning with our broader early childhood community working toward shared visions for our profession. This is of high importance and works hand in hand with our ongoing professional development cycle, holding immense value within the growth of our profession.

All in All, Little Treasures Childcare see learning as a collaborative journey with Family, Educators, Environment & Community. growing stronger with influences from any current interest or contributing factor. The first five years are the most magical, and we are honoured to be able to apart of your child’s learning adventure.